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Benefits of Hiring a Debt Collector Harassment Lawyer

Because of the economy, people have been downsized, "rightsized," because of one reason or the other and may even be experiencing financial hardships. They may be struggling to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. This means that keeping up with bill payments can feel like an impossibility. When they are unable to continue their payments, it is very likely that their account will get turned over to a third-party debt collection company. A lot of people know that getting debt collector calls and letters is irritating at best and nightmarish at worst.

People in debt often complain about the number of phone calls that they get from creditors every single day. These phone calls can disturb you from your work responsibilities and family life. By choosing to hire a debt collector harassment lawyer at http://rightsprotect.com/ , you will know about the ways on how you can stop these phone calls. Even when you are not planning to file for bankruptcy, sending a letter to creditors and asking that they cease should be enough to end their communications. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, creditors are obliged to quit contacting you if you request that they do so.

Debt collectors are also not allowed to threaten you in collecting your debt. Some examples are the threat of physical force, criminal action, or falsely accusing you for a crime. At the same time, they cannot lie about the consequences of selling your debt or use the possibility of a debt sale as a threat to attempt to collect. Debt collectors cannot threaten arrest, garnishment, or seizure of property. Make sure that you record the time the collection calls come in. Create a file that you can provide to your lawyer so that when are ready to seek legal recourse, you have everything you need.

Once you hire a debt collector harassment lawyer, the first step would be to let debt collectors know that they are no longer allow to contact you directly. Should they continue to harass you, there are remedies that your debt collection harassment lawyer can aggressively take on your behalf in federal and/or state court. Your lawyer can deal with this process while you concentrate on just living your life in peace, minus the stress generated by abusive debt collection practices. Do not forget that in a successful action, the abusive creditor may be mandated by a court to pay for the costs of the action including attorney fees.